Monday, December 10, 2007


Fess up!  Who was knitting during Spamalot?
They were talking about you during my group exercise class this morning. Then they went on to discuss how some people will knit anywhere, and all the time.  At that moment I was helplessly stuck under a 35 lb barbell, but as soon as I pulled out of my "turtle", I informed the sweaty gym rats that I was one of "those" people.   That shut them up.  And then they started to ask if I could teach them.  Ha! Of course! Dry off first. 

I am catching my breath from a wonderful weekend of hosting Takako Ukei of Habu Textiles at  my shop.  The woman is as enchanting as her yarns.  Friday evening was a fiber lecture.  She showed us the most exquisite and unbelievable fibers, yarns and woven fabric.  By the end of the lecture, at least half the people in the audience were contemplating pulling weeds in their backyard to make yarn. Others were contemplating making paper yarn out of Japanese paper.  I was planning my next warp.  Woven Art gets a new loom from Schacht Spindle on Wednesday.  I believe it is my duty to weave off a small piece to make sure all is well. Right? Or maybe it is my prerogative to weave on any new looms that come in my door.  

One excellent bonus to the weekend was the opportunity to get to know these better. To see "these", please be sure to scroll down to the opera length arm warmers.  They came over for dinner on Saturday. Great new friends, and great inspiration, all in one weekend. 

Lots of sweater kits were ordered. Lots of new yarns, as well as a restock of all the ones that sold over the weekend.  It was a bit of a frenzy, and I did feel for a moment like I was loosing my mind.  A common occurrence for me in the presence of Habu.  I get kind of weak-kneed. 
I do feel a little sorry for my UPS guy.  "Are they here yet? Are they here yet?"  For the next two weeks.  Sorry Santa, you've been upstaged.


irene said...

I was one of them Not during the show but before and during Intermission


Nancy McRay said...


KB said...

you didn't knit while lifting the barbells? :)

Anonymous said...

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