Thursday, December 20, 2007

Count down

I have finished my gift knitting, 5 DAYS EARLY! 
To the right,  you will see socks, as requested. She choose this skein of hand-dyed Kona Superwash to become cozy, by the fire, socks.  She doesn't know about the twisted-rib lace leg, but she will appreciate it.  It would be a miracle for her not to have seen these yet.  She even wound the big ol' hank into a big ol' yarn cake. She better wear them. 

Pictured just below, on the right,  might just be a surprise. The recipient is likely to read my blog, though she has already left for the Windy City. But, she does tend to work away from home, and will have computer access. So, no details about this one.

Next is a scarf made from Diasilke hombre. Lusterous and soft, luxurious and yummy are my words for this yarn.  The color gradation doesn't even interfere with the trailing fuscia lace pattern (Fiber Trends). This is a gift for my friend Sharon. She already has it - we exchanged gifts this morning. She crocheted me a rug! Unbelievable.  I'll show you a picture of that later on. The colors are perfect for my kitchen. 

In the last week I have baked  a birthday cake, two batches of cookies for the shop, two batches for the family Christmas Calorie Fest. Three pans of butterscotch sticky buns. I tinkered with the recipe - the sauce is better than ever.  I can say this because I am certain my sisters don't read my blog. I know they would be disturbed by this claim.  

I do love this holiday. Giving presents! Getting presents! Eating and drinking irresponsibly. Still, my thoughts are already wandering to the next year.  We recently hosted a Habu Trunk show at Woven Art. You can find a thorough review of that event on Ava's blog.  I swatched for a cardi last night, and am looking forward to our Habu KAL Sunday, 12/30.  I am putting a warp on my loom, and dreaming of a million projects. Move over sugar plums! I've got other visions dancing in my head. 


Ava said...

you're having a Habu KAL at Woven Art? Oh, man! I'm so jealous! Y'all have to post your progress. what's everyone making?

You've made some nice gifts and I can't believe all the baking you've done. You're so organized. I just candied the citrus peels for fruitcake tonight, and will bake it tomorrow. I'd do it at Mom's house, but I've never mastered baking at high altitude.

Kelly said...

I DO wear these socks all the time... :)