Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Patterns and color and texture, oh my!

This is the ruana I made to take to Barcelona with me. I wore it most evenings. It was just the right amount of warmth. It feels great on too! Just the right amount of drapey, and so soft. I can't really say that I felt like a native Barcelonian in it-as I didn't see anyone else with anything like it. Lots of shawls, and scarves. But no other ruanas. Sigh, ahead of the fashion curve again.
And this is a sidewalk in Lisbon. Most of the sidewalks I saw there were cobblestone mosaic. There were different patterns, lots of them floral. I loved them. Gary said running on them was a *^%$&, and pulled his hammy again.

I saw so much pattern and color that inspired me in both Portugal and Spain, I am going to have to dribble it out a little at a time, lest you feel you are being forced to see someones travel slides. (well, you are, sort of). But really I found much inspiration that could be translated into knitting, weaving or crochet, and it wasn't limited to items of clothing. After all, pattern and color are prevalent in most fine crafts, so why should there be cross over? For instance, wouldn't the above pattern be adorable as an intarsia pillow? Or a mosaic pattern for a handbag?

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