Monday, November 5, 2007

Neuva Entrada

Blogger is talking to me in Spanish! All the instructions, headings, etc are in Spanish. This must be because I blogged from an internet cafe in Barcelona. But does that make sense? Aren't I the same blogger the world over? And, at this moment I am in my own house, back in good old EL. Ha! Well it's a nice reminder of the time spent in the magical city of Barcelona. We might not ever have considered going there if our daughter hadn't found herself the opportunity of a life time in a study abroad program. She's been in Barcelona for the last three months, and has about three weeks left before she gets on a boat to Italy. We got to see the city in much more depth because of her. She aptly describes her experience there as like living in an advent calendar. The streets are filled with doors, many like garage doors that open and close depending on the time of day, day of week, and whim of owner. Everytime you walk down the very same street - it looks completely different depending in which doors are open. The part of the city we were staying in was built on the foundations of the Roman ruins. The streets are very narrow, with high stone walls. What might look like a tiny cafe or shop, often turns out to be cavernous, with many levels and rooms, one after another. Enchanting! And full of inspiration for fiber artists!

This picture was taken from a shop window on Passeig Gracia - in the high fashion neighborhood. Look very closely at the neckwear. It is three or four finger knit strands plus, a knitted swatch! Yes! Now you know what to do with all your samples!

I will try to post more pictures later this week, after blogger starts speaking English to me again.

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