Monday, November 12, 2007

A few more travel pics

First , one for Ragnar:A cathedral relic. I wonder who it is? One bad thing about tours, is that while they are full of information, they often leave out answers to questions like "Who is this?" Trying to figure out the owner of this carefully and reverently preserved skull and crossbones, I nearly lost the group, so I had to hurry on. A little later in the same tour, I did lose the group entirely, because of this owl:

He is in the contemporary section of the tile museum, located inside the cathedral, in Lisbon. Lisbon is widely known for it's hand made, handpainted tiles, and still has at least one factory operating today.
Can't you just see this knit as intarsia, or inspiration for entrelac? I really want to weave this into a tapestry. It is chaos, gridded out. Madness organized.

And here is some inspiration for lace. I can imagine how to crochet this. Solid, colorful medallions connected by long chains, but how to knit this? I know there are lace knitting geniuses out there ( and I know who you are!). How about it?
Just for context, and further inspiration:

I love travel, for all the obvious and common reasons. Just as satisfying to me is returning to routine. This past Sunday, fighting off a travel cold, I stayed home from the shop.
I roasted a chicken, baked chocolate chip cookies, did some knitting homework,
and also some gift knitting. I hate being sick, and I hate staying home from the shop. But, returning to routine is healing in a significant way. I guess my kitchen is my "center of normal".


Ragnar said...

I love me some relics. It's probably good that I'm not catholic, because I'm already sort of obsessed with Saints. St Laurence is the patron Saint of cooks, you know why? Because they torchered him on a grill, and in the middle of it all he told them to turn him over because he wasn't done on the other side.

Ava said...

good eye!

Hope you're feeling better. Are you a "foodie" too?