Monday, October 1, 2007


I give. I am stressed out. Remember two posts back? I vowed not to cave in to stress anymore? And then we sanded the east half of my house? For 8 days? This morning we have a professional working on it and making good progress. This will be resolved soon. But my happy husband ran out of the house today with the salutation that the guy from Hager Fox was on his way over. So much for my pre-work workout. I waited for him, showed him all the furnaces, and the thermostats, negotiated the space with the guy who is finishing our floor, ( if you work on this part first, and then this part second, furnace guy will have time to replace the thermostat, if he does it right now). Then I decided - I am out of here! I got into my car, grumped at the downpour, and backed right into the ditch that some landscaping genius years ago thought would be pretty right next to our curvy driveway. This ditch has an agressive history. It swallowed up the moving truck the day we moved in. It has captured several teenage friends. But it had never gotten me before.

I would just go to the basement and do yoga, but my new TV is smack in the middle of my yoga spot.

I will take up my knitting, and be calm.

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