Monday, October 15, 2007

I'd rather be dyeing

I want a bumper sticker that says "I'd Rather be Dyeing". It would be appropriate today. Monday is my Dye Day. The shop is closed. I am careful not to schedule meetings or lunches. But today I am headed up to Baldwin to pick up some of my art work from the Pamela Tripp Gallery. She had some of my tapestries and accessories over the Summer. But now that Summer is really and truely over, I must go retrieve them. But, I'd rather be dyeing. Instead I can show you some of what I dyed last week:
Kona Superwash. What is wrong with my camera? This is in reality a very deep blue, purple, and turquoise combination.
And these are rich Fall tones, not Spring-like pastels.

This one is closer, but, it is also, in person, very rich and deep. The color seems right, but the intensity is way off. And what is the point of showing you pictures of yarn I dyed, if I am not showing you what the colors are really like? Note to self: learn how to use your camera! I am sure there is some simple setting adjustment I can make to rectify this!

Happy news! For me at least! I finished my Barcelona Ruana, and even wore it to a fancy dinner last night. I am very very very happy with it. Pictures soon!

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Kristin said...

i have the same problem. Truth is I think the flash is washing out your colors. you can try taking the pics in natural light with no flash, (try natural light but in the shade maybe) or get a better camera. I know people who manage to get fabulous color pictures with their digitals but alas that is not me.