Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ola from Catalunya

Hello from Barcelona! We are having a wonderful time, having eaten every shrimp in the Atlantic while in Lisbon. Our hosts were very generous with their time and expertise, and we got to see Lisbon in a way we couldn´t have. We even heard a very famous fado singer, in her nightclub-restaurant. I didn´t know what Fado was, but it is sort of torch, folk, blues music. Very emotional -ususally sad and haunting.

Now we are in Barcelona, and as I promised, I am taking photos of everything colorful. This afternoon we plan to go to the Picasso museum, the Textile museum, and then to see one of Gaudi´s masterpeices.
We will be back next week, and I´ll post of couple of pictures.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hats and capes

It has been a great Fall at the shop.
This time of year is always the best, with people picking up their knitting and starting new projects. It is infectious, even for someone like me, surrounded by it all the time. I find myself working up lots of small, quick, giftable projects like this hat. Knit from Diamussee, with Tilli Tomas Disco lights peeking through the ribbing. It is going to be a little bit hard to go away for 10 days, starting Wednesday. But I can't complain - I get to go here,
and then here.

And, I get to wear this:
I finished my Barcelona Ruana in the nick of time. I think it will be a perfect travel companion. It is light weight, and warm. The weather there should be in the mid 60's most days, and a little cooler at night.

I have also been working on using some of my huge skeins of cashmere - Embrace from Classic Elite. It is fun to see how much I can get out of one massive skein. From an orange to purple skein I got two large scarves, fingerless gloves, and a hat. I just started a new skein, and wrapped the first scarf around Kelly today while she was trying to spin. It is a 3/5 Sunday spin-in at Woven Art today, after all.

The light blue stripe is Tilli Tomas Flurries, and has tiny blue beads on it. I wish my camera could tell you that.

I am leaving the shop in the best of care while I am gone. Please stop in to see Jessy, Jenn, Kelly and Deidra.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'd rather be dyeing

I want a bumper sticker that says "I'd Rather be Dyeing". It would be appropriate today. Monday is my Dye Day. The shop is closed. I am careful not to schedule meetings or lunches. But today I am headed up to Baldwin to pick up some of my art work from the Pamela Tripp Gallery. She had some of my tapestries and accessories over the Summer. But now that Summer is really and truely over, I must go retrieve them. But, I'd rather be dyeing. Instead I can show you some of what I dyed last week:
Kona Superwash. What is wrong with my camera? This is in reality a very deep blue, purple, and turquoise combination.
And these are rich Fall tones, not Spring-like pastels.

This one is closer, but, it is also, in person, very rich and deep. The color seems right, but the intensity is way off. And what is the point of showing you pictures of yarn I dyed, if I am not showing you what the colors are really like? Note to self: learn how to use your camera! I am sure there is some simple setting adjustment I can make to rectify this!

Happy news! For me at least! I finished my Barcelona Ruana, and even wore it to a fancy dinner last night. I am very very very happy with it. Pictures soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First Sunday

Sunday was so much fun for me at the shop. In additon to our regular book club meeting, we hosted an opening for Della Reams. The turn out for both was great! Della Reams is a textile and design professor at Michigan State University. She is an award winning designer, and best of all, she is showing her garments and wall hangings at Woven Art through mid-November. Here are some of her dresses, and some scarves on the left:

And here is one of her wall hangings:

I have a few knitting projects in the works. Pictured below is a WIP, second edition.
I had planned to do an entrelac scarf
but, I thought the pattern too chunky for the yarn. The yarn is a lovely heavy worsted weight cashmere from Classic Elite, called Embrace. It comes in huge hanks - with 690 yards on each one. So far from this skein I have crocheted a ripple scarf, and knit fingerless mitts and a hat.
I like the way the cashmere feels in this drop stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's Second Stitch Dictionary. It is cushy, squishy, and I think it really shows off the fun dye job.

I also have been invited to Ravelry. If you haven't done it already, I suggest you get yourself on the list. I have just begun to scratch the surface. I am finding friends and joing groups. But I know I will love being able to see other peoples yarns,projects and ideas.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Where is McYarny?

This almost made me late for Grey's Anatomy tonight. It arrived at the shop late in the day, just before my weaving students arrived. The picture is a small sampling of the lovely yarns from Dancing Fibers. Oh, and patterns too! I think I'll make a sparkly tank out of the dia-misterio near the front of the picture, for dressy holiday wear.

I am also tempted to ditch my current entrelac design plan (in Sarah Peasley's class) in favor of the dia-silkhombre pictured at the right end of the pile. It is so soft and lustrous.

I also have been quite distracted by the arrival of the latest Tofutsies Sock club yarn. I love this color way - like tart green apples. And the Holiday Issue of Interweave Knits! Yes! Already! And it includes patterns for Tilli Tomas, and Jacques Cartier Qiviuk. Yum, Yum. Between the normal fall buzz, and the new yarns 'n things buzz, and the approaching holidaze buzz - who needs caffeine?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy October


I give. I am stressed out. Remember two posts back? I vowed not to cave in to stress anymore? And then we sanded the east half of my house? For 8 days? This morning we have a professional working on it and making good progress. This will be resolved soon. But my happy husband ran out of the house today with the salutation that the guy from Hager Fox was on his way over. So much for my pre-work workout. I waited for him, showed him all the furnaces, and the thermostats, negotiated the space with the guy who is finishing our floor, ( if you work on this part first, and then this part second, furnace guy will have time to replace the thermostat, if he does it right now). Then I decided - I am out of here! I got into my car, grumped at the downpour, and backed right into the ditch that some landscaping genius years ago thought would be pretty right next to our curvy driveway. This ditch has an agressive history. It swallowed up the moving truck the day we moved in. It has captured several teenage friends. But it had never gotten me before.

I would just go to the basement and do yoga, but my new TV is smack in the middle of my yoga spot.

I will take up my knitting, and be calm.