Friday, September 28, 2007

Whine and Entrelac

When I returned from my morning walk yesterday, the two guys were still, (after 6 days), were still sanding the whole right side of my house. When I walked in, one looked up - kind of panicked, and said "Do you have tools?" Just another bad sign in a very long string of very bad signs. You may recall we embarked on this adventure to get ready for a party. One that was to happen at our house tonight. The party was moved to a different venue - but the kitchen is still covered in saw dust, all my furniture is still crammed into our living room, our new TV (yay!) is in the basment, the cable guy couldn't do his job today, and I have no idea when this will all be resolved. They arrived back at 10 this morning, and resumed sanding, and began applying the polyurethane. The floor is still blotchy.
After seven days of sanding and re-sanding, it was clear that the two people we had hired didn't know what they were doing. Now, I have to find someone else to finish the job. I called someone today, who said maybe he could schedule us for this weekend. I told him I might be in love with him. This guy has sales staff, a receptionist and a website! Call me shallow - I just want the madness to stop.

In the meantime, Bogie has been at the shop every day, and is getting used to it. He gets many extra belly rubs - so he is a very happy dog.

Now - for some knitting:

Here is the start of the fourth project from the same ball of Embrace - a yummy 100% cashmere yarn from Classic Elite. The ball is huge. And the yarn has a very long color variation. This scarf will be mostly red with purple at the other end. The burgundy sparkly yarn is Tilli Tomas. A perfect pair!
And this is one of my swatches for my entrelac design class with Sarah Peasley. It is Rowan wool cotton. I might need to make the squares a few stitches smaller. But I am thinking of a very deep V -neck pullover, with solid gray sleeves.

And this is the other swatch. We are supposed to make two swatches - but with the same yarn. I am still deciding which project I want to do. Th green/brown yarn is Texas Bighorn, hand dyed. The oatmeal yarn is handspun silk and alpaca. I think it will be very warm, and wants to be a long cardigan/jacket. Now I have to decide which to knit for my class. However, I can't think anymore. I just want to curl up and watch TV. But I can't! Whine.

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