Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hi Ho Good Neighbor!

I don't know which planets are doing the Virginia Reel in my sun sign, but it sure has been messing with my communication systems. I guess that would be Mercury - any one else having technology issues, or general mis-communications? Anyway, I am back, and posting. I don't know for sure if I'll ever get back here again - this had something to do with a change of hosts, coupled with a stubborn browser. I think. Maybe.

But I would rather go on and on about fiber arts. Here is a length of double weave "plaid" that will be coming off this sweet little loom today. There is someone waiting in line to use her, so it is time for me to be done. I am just about out of warp anyway. The warp is a combination of Sock yarn, and Merlin, a wool/linen blend from Louet. The weft is also the same combination. The sock yarn makes the fabric look even more complicated than it actually is. I have no idea what I am going to do with this. Or, maybe I have several ideas, and I am just waiting for the right idea to become obvious. I know that the next step, after taking it off the loom and securing the edges will be to throw it in the washing machine, on hot and heavy, then directly into the dryer, followed by a severe pressing. All this punishment should soften the fabric, and full and shrink it. I will let you know what happens. Maybe it will become handbags?

Below is some yarn I plan to use in an entrelac vest in a class that I will be taking with Sarah Peasley, Handknitter. What do you think, Sarah? The top yarn is a thick and thin, handspun alapca and silk. The bottom yarn is hand dyed Texas Bighorn - mohair and merino. I think they should knit at about the same gauge. Do I have to swatch?

Some of you shop regulars know that I have this cashmere yarn from Classic Elite that comes in huge hanks, for what seems to be an astronomical price. But when you divide it all up, its really no more than any other 100%, beautifully dyed cashmere. I finally gave into my own temptations, and started in on one ball. So far, I have made a crocheted ripple scarf, and a hat trimmed in Tilli Tomas disco lights. I plan to also make handwarmers, trimmed on either end with the same disco lights. Then if I have any left over, ( I know I will) I will make a "Pidge"
I have some great tagua nut buttons to add to the pidge. So, not so small projects, all gift worthy, from one skein of yarn. That's not bad!

And finally, though I resist on a normal basis, one really fuzzy dog:

He wouldn't hold still for the pose. He is now completely blind, and in need of a bath. But our kitchen at home is under going some tramatic redecorating. That is why my one eyed, yappy, scruff ball is here at the shop, and will be for the next few days. At least until they are done sanding and refinishing the floors. I left him there during all the painting - and while the painter and he got along swimmingly, there were little white paw prints on the floor every night when we got home.

I almost forgot to tell you about the Barcelona Ruana!It is warped, and about one yard is woven. I have until October 24 to have it finished, sewn together and washed. I figure I can crochet the edging on the plane if needed. Anyway, the details:

Warp: Prime Alpaca from Henry's Attic. The black is threaded in a straight draw on 8 harnesses. The tan stripe is threaded in a diamond pattern called "Periwinkle" from Davidsons. The treadling is 12, 23, 34, 14, (repeat 3 x), 34, 23, 12, 14 (repeat 3x). I am not using tabby. There will be two panels, each about 72" by 22", and one 36" by 4" panel for the middle back. So, I will have to thread the loom again for the back peice.
The blue string you see is a guide string to tell me when one panel is done and the next one needs to begin. I will weave 2 inches of plain weave in bewteen for hems. I am a little uneasy about having enough time.

Wish me luck! And, if you wouldn't mind doing me a huge favor - please send me a message if you get this far. It seems I can only get here from certain browsers. It would help me to know if you got here from yours! Thanks!!


Sharon said...

Hi Nancy. Working fine in Firefox. I'll go check Safari for you too...Yep, working in Safari too. Looks like you're good to go. :)

Ava said...

I'm using Firefox too. (Yes, you have to swatch!)