Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Go Green in East Lansing

Sunday was lovely! While it is well known that yarn shop owners don't actually knit all day, sometimes we arrange opportunities when there is an event that requires that we hang out and knit with others. The reception for "Hand Knit from Hand-dyed" was one. We had a delightful group. A few people who are new to the shop, one person who is new to the world, a couple of Mom's, and at least three offspring of those sitting around the round table. I managed to finish off a cashmere beaded mobious. And I also finished off most of the spinach-artichoke dip!

Here's some news! I had a meeting this morning with people from the City of East Lansing. We are working together on creating an artist co-op to occupy the space next door to Woven Art. The co-op will consist of studio space for 6 to 7 artists, and a shared gallery space. While all the details are not yet ironed out, we want to move ahead on this as quickly as possible. If you know of any artists who might be interested in studio space in downtown East Lansing, please have them contact me.

This coming Saturday we will host Southwest Trading Company "Go Green" event. There will be yarn and fiber samples, lots of educational materials, and the chance to knit on a tree sweater for the one in front of my shop. You know, environmentalists are often called "tree-huggers". Well, not only do we embrace our trees - we dress them up! The event will also include a free pair of Chai-goo knitting needles, and free beginning knitting instruction for anyone who needs it. Bring along your newbie friends! It will be easy to be green at Woven Art from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday, September 15

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