Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Transistion Time

I am not ready yet to call this the end of Summer. That doesn't happen for another month. But the signs of transition are unmistakable. I took my morning walk on campus today. I was politely stopped by a group of college age people, who wanted to take my picture for a scavenger hunt. I was suspicious. What "item" would I be? They assured me I would just get them some extra credit for pulling a random person into their picture with Sparty.

Then, a bit later, I was passed by some young men running along at a strong pace. They were shortly followed by one young woman, and then another. I thought,"OK, Where is he?" Sure enough a moment later a man in a blue T-shirt rode by on his bike carrying a 6 pack of gator-aide. "Hey Coach Brown!" I recognized the East Lansing Cross Country Coach from the several years my girls participated. He recognized me too - in that "I am pretty sure you are someone's parent" kind of way.

Finally, on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Harrison Rd, I was stopped by another harried looking young man "Where is Grand River?" Yes folks, East Lansing is waking up from it's long Summer's nap.

My Mom has recently made a huge transition in her life, from a house and guest house on a beach to a two room apartment south of town. A week ago, the kids went up to claim some of the furniture that was still there. I requested a very old table that I had grown up with. I have many fond memories of casual dinners and family games. I think it will make the ideal knitting-around table, especially with it's hand carved cabled edge!

Another sign of transition is a bit closer to home. You might remember from previous posts that I had started to make some progress on a tapestry. I had vowed to work on it a bit every day if possible. I was catching a rhythm of sorts. Well,

Can you see my tapestry?

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Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm glad you posted to my blog because I've now got another not-quite-LYS to visit!

You asked about the spindles I online shop is
Weights and lengths are in each listing. Most are under an ounce, though I'm working on making some a bit heavier.