Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Like a butterfly

Have you had your fill yet of sweet, dark, Michigan Cherries? Well, that is what this month's stitch challenge is supposed to represent. I suggest that when you knit it, you look at it right side up!

I have been working away at the fall class schedule, and a new website to be launched within the next few weeks. But by "work" I mean plugging away at the computer for a bit, then wandering outside to check the water temperature, watch sail boats, take the kayak out. Then, back to more work. I can handle it, it's not bad at all.

My newly blind dog, after 11 years of aversion to all water, has decided he likes to swim. We are quite surprised by this. Yesterday, he was brought back by a nice young woman who found him swimming in amidst her Frisbee game. It is very shallow here, so you can play Frisbee 50 yards out - which is about where she found him. Poor water logged puppy!

Aside from chasing the dog, and updating class lists, I have been flitting from project to project. I FINISHED the sweater I am making for my eldest daughter's birthday. She is in her car on the way up here, so no secrets have been spilled. I'd like to post a picture of her in it later this week. I also am working on a Stitch Diva pattern for youngest daughter, and a mosaic sling bag for a class later this fall. I have started a project with Habu Stainless Silk and Stainless Wool that is turning out to be very sculptural. And I am also making serious progress on a tapestry I began a year ago, as well as spinning bulky, slubby alpaca yarn for a vest. And just in case this is not enough I have a half finished sock and a mobius cowl scarf waiting in the wings. Believe it or not, I find all this very relaxing, and refreshing.

Tomorrow, (actually really late tonight) more people will begin to arrive. In-laws and children. We will be much busier with "going in to town", "eating", and "playing family games".

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Thomasean said...

OMG!!!!!! I see my yarn. It is gorgeous. I'm coming to get my stuff. I see the skeins that I want already. It is so pretty.