Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Goodie Goodies EveryWhere!

What a fun week it has been so far! I got a tiny little box full of loveliness in the form of Qiviuk yarns. I got three balls of 9 different colors of the Qiviuk/Merino/silk blend. It is so soft and luxurious. It is what you want for that very special lace scarf. It retails here at Woven Art for $53 per ball . I t makes me gasp every time I touch it.

Also in this week is Folk Style from Interweave Knits. This book presents a refreshing take on various folk traditions, utilizing colors, patterns and symbols in innovative designs that you can wear! Knitter 's magazine arrived in the same batch of boxes, and is chock full of good ideas for Fall knitting.

But the most fun thing that walked in the door this week was from Jill V. She is a metal artist and friend who is also a very talented weaver. Last week another customer was talking to her about needing a shawl pin on her sweater, Jill went to her studio and came out with these:The picture does NOT begin to do them justice. The silver is just too shiny to photograph well. I now have them featured on several of the shawls and sweaters in the shop. Yes - I get to sell them! I am very excited. Not only are these some of the most unusual and beautiful shawl pins I have ever seen, they are made locally, and by a friend! If interested, call for prices: 517-203-4467.
And this, above, is more of what I dyed last week. Pigtail 170, Monte Cristo and Panda Cotton in Red, Blue and Yellow.
Angie T knit a shop model for me from Habu Tsugumi, from a pattern in Victorian Lace Today. The pattern calls for one skein, but she found she needed to make it a bit shorter. It still is a very good length. This is one you have to touch to believe, and also see in person to see how beautiful the lace is.

In other news, I am number 18258 on Ravelry. Only 8504 people are ahead of me - I should get my invite any day!

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