Monday, August 20, 2007

Dyeing Scarves

We moved our youngest into her next house for her last year at MSU. This year her house is much bigger, and she is living with half as many people. This means my house is returning to something more like normal. I will miss her presence, even as I will enjoy the new sense of space and order. As I spent the day moving her, I didn't dye any yarn today. But in anticipation of that, I dyed twice as much yarn last Monday. Here is a sampling:
From left:
Casino II - a cotton rayon dk weight yarn in a color inspired either by mixed late summer berries, or the latest issue of Lucky.
Sharzade - a cotton, rayon slub. Makes a wonderful wrap fabric.
Cascade Silk - a lace weight, 100% silk yarn in light navy
Rio - a 100% rayon slub yarn. Fun for a carry along. Dyed in same bucket as the silk.
Tabitha - a bulky rayon and cotton blend with great texture - in red violet.

I dyed more than this - but it isn't dry yet - Summer humidity!

On Saturday I hosted a group for a Sort-of Shibori workshop. We dyed scarves with lanaset dyes, and heat set them with vinegar, and then dyed some more scarves in procion dyes, with a soda ash assist, and let them all sit for 24 hours to cure. I never get to see the scarves that cure for a day, so I was really excited to have added the exercise of using acid based dyes. We all were able to unveil the first scarf during the workshop. After my students left, I had some dye left over so I had some more fun. I discovered that the scarf I had dyed with the acid dye was actually a blend of rayon and silk. The silk took the dye beautifully, but the rayon didn't take the dye at all. Because of the way the scarf is woven, one side was very bright, and the other side was sort of silvery gray. Very pretty. But I decided to see what would happen if I overdyed this scarf in a procion dye bath, with soda ash. I was hoping to get two differently colored sides. What actually happened is that both the silk and the rayon dyed very well, leaving me with a scarf that is very much the same on either side. I will have to play around with this a bit more! Here are the scaves I made in the workshop:

I have also been making great progress on the Sahara sweater from Stitch Diva. After only about two weeks of working on it, I am almost finished with the body of it - and get to begin on the lower trim - with yarn from Tilli Tomas. Pictures will be forthcoming once I have some of the shirtail eding done.

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