Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to School

And back to normal. I love the return to routine. Classes are starting up. I have most, but not all of my classes listed now on my brand new website:
And Mondays are once again for dyeing. Except for next Monday, which will be for retrieving a very tired biker from the Mackinaw Bridge. Here is some of what I dyed this past week:

Black, brown and red on kona superwash.
Carmel-y brown, and shades of green on Kona Superwash. The camera didn't capture the correct color this time. Why is that? I need to take about 42 more classes on too many different subjects just to be as good as I want to be on all the things I do every day. Anyway. I took all these pictures in full sun, which explains the flashes of light. I like that, but it doesn't really tell the true story about the yarn.
This one is pretty close to accurate. This is a light red and gray on Prime Alpaca. I was dyeing it for a project of my own, but I want a deeper red, so I am releasing this batch into the wilderness of the shop.
This is red and purple on Kona petite. The real colors are much deeper. Wonderful for a shawl or for socks. And this is what I have been knitting:
The pattern is Sahara from Stitch Diva. The main yarn is my hand dyed Nassau, a silk and cotton blend. The trim is Tilli Tomas Disco. I have four more rows to knit on the neckline. Then it gets attached to the base of the neck opening, and stitched up to the level of propriety that you prefer. As this will be worn by my youngest angel daughter, I might stitch it up pretty high. The style is meant to be plunging however, and she is smart enough to figure out how to unstitch it, so maybe I'll just concede that it will look very "hot" on her.
That said, I loved knitting this pattern. It is written from the top down. It was a relatively quick knit, and a different approach than I have had before, so it was very entertaining. Because of the large skeins and the top down knitting, I bet I'll have fewer than 10 ends to weave in. I haven't counted - should I?

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