Sunday, July 15, 2007

Special Yarns - Special Price

Jacquie doesn't do this very often - at most once per year. She has put all her beautiful yarns on sale at 20% off the marked price from Sunday July 15 through Saturday July 21. This picture is only part of one basket. The Third Sunday Spin-in spinners made off with lots of these yarns - but they left some for you!

A couple of pictures of our spin-in. Woven Art hosts a spin-in on the third and fifth Sunday of every month. Glory Be - July gets two! As you can see SOME people were knitting. Including myself, which you can't see. It's OK. Other people were able to try out the merino and finn rovings I brought back from Stonehedge a week ago. I will be getting more, based on the positive comments.

This is a fun little project I did on Saturday between customers. It is called ArtFelt, and is a new idea from Skacel. It comes packaged in kits - with enough to make two thin scarves (like this one) or one really wide scarf. Or you can cut the paper in different ways to make handbags, pillow covers, etc. The kits includes the special melt away paper, more than enough roving, in delicious colors, two felting needles and an instructional dvd. They suggest that you start with a 12 by 12 sample square to get the feel of the technique. I didn't so that -though I do think that is a good idea. So - this whole feather weight drapey felt scarf (it feels sooo good) took me 3.5 hours from start to finish, including learning curve. You can view the dvd from my kit any time at the shop. I think you should try it. Just as a nice depature from what you normally do, but I could see the possibilty of really diving in and taking this somewhere

And, lastly for this week, a dye shot - this is lace weight alpaca, dyed in navy, brown and black.

If you'd like more information about any of this, e-mail me at or call Woven Art at 517-203-4467

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OH no! Is there any left???? I'll call as soon as I can.