Saturday, July 28, 2007

Driving to Distraction

Remember how I got distracted by a pile of roving and the idea of making a braided rug? Here is the after shot. It shrunk from 7 inches across to 5.5 inches. It is nice and sturdy, and makes a perfect cushion for my vase of flowers. I do want to make a bigger rug. Maybe while I am on vacation.
Yes. I am going, this afternoon, after I close the shop
Fear not, Woven Art will stay open. The 5th Sunday Spin in will take place tomorrow, and we will keep regular hours, under Jenn Hugh's watchful eye. Thank you Jenn!

This time there will be lots of family. All three daughters, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend. Plus, we are going to make a point of visiting my Mom as well. Her place is about 2 hours from where we are staying - but we will make a day of it. Perhaps another visit to Stonehedge.
I need to restock - My customer friends are scooping it up - not just because it is super soft, and lovely - but they (and I) like that it is made here in Michigan.

Because I won't be dyeing yarn or anything else next week, I did extra last week. Here are just a few items:
Super Soft Merino Roving. Available by the ounce.

Kona, Kona, Kona Petite. I have 6 each in the two Kona Colorways, and 3 of the Kona fingering.

And this is a close up of the A.F.P. (almost finished project)that has been causing me to look for other outlets. It really is very close to complete, I just need to knit a mile or two of 7 stitch ribbing for ties, and add ruffles to the sleeves. Just about 3 to 5 more hours I think. Argh.

Now, add to that an upcoming vacation, which implies endless hours for knitting (ha! I'll never learn), and a shipment of Stitch Diva patterns. They sure do some unusual things with different techniques. I ordered a ton of Stitch Diva patterns, because they go so well with Tilli Thomas yarn. So, I'll be taking with me the Sahara sweater which uses Tilli Thomas yarn that I will couple with yarn I dyed to compliment it. I also will take along the decidely different scarves, and will use Habu silk-mohair, plus I'll get to play with my beautiful Jenkins hairpin lace fork. I am also taking along some of the stainless wool and stainless silk from Habu to make, um, a thing I'll tell you about later. This is a thing that has been in my head for a very long time, waiting for the right materials. And some time. Perfect match!
And this is a just for fun shot of my special order wall. I love the bright colors. They were made especially for an entrelac project, hence the varied lengths and emphasis of color. All kona, with the one on the left Kona petite in Laramar.

As much as I am looking forward to spending some time with my extended family, I am also really looking forward to coming back. As soon as I get home, I will begin hanging the "Hand-dyed, Hand-Knit" exhibit, in time for the Folk Festival. I also am giving much thought to my next round of classes. As I have changed from mailing a paper newsletter four times a year, to an electronic newsletter about weekly, I have much more flexibility on scheduling. If you would like to be on the e-mail list, please send your information to me at A paper version will still be available, and updated more frequently. You can pick up the latest version at the shop, or give me a call at 517-203-4467, and I'll happily mail you one.

P.S. I am also taking my spinning wheel, my tapestry loom, and of course all the supplies I need to go with them. I made sure to pack the car with my stuff before coming in to work. It is embarassing what-all I am taking.

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