Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What did I find at TNNA?

A present for Marge. See above.

Things soft

Things sparkly.

Great Design. On this note I have to add that a highlight of my trip was a delightful conversation with Louisa Harding as she told me all about her design philosophy. She has a strong background in both fashion and fine art, and as she showed me her designs and the thought process behind each one, I could see both art and fashion. Add to that a sensitivity to real women's bodies, and you get truly great design. Her Fall collection has two themes, Hummingbirds and Swallow Tails, and Venice Architecture. She is such a lovely and generous person. When I told her about our up coming "Yarnival" ( June 15, $15 reserves a seat, at Woven Art), she gave us some wonderful samples to try out.

Trunk Shows - booked lots of them!

Work shops and visiting artists - mark your calendars now for Takara of Habu Textiles. She'll make the trip to the Lansing area on December 7. There will be several workshops in reading Japanese patterns, as well as a lecture about her very unusual fibers. As a weaver, I have been a fan and buyer of Habu for a long time, but as a knitter and crocheter, I love the creative possibilities these yarns open up for me. So I restocked the best sellers, some new yarns and brought in several kits. The styles are classy, classic, and cutting edge, all at the same time. More signs of good design.

In fact I would have to say that would be the theme of this trade show - a real emphasis on good design. There are some glittery and novelty yarns making a bit of a come back - but now they are used to great effect - in a way that makes sense to the total project. Now, while the yarn and fiber choices are still very important, how they are used in the design sense is equally important. In other words - the best of both worlds. It is a good time to be a knitter/crocheter/weaver.

So, when I got home from placing orders with old and new friends, I was happy to have some boxes to open:

This is the very first shipment of Limited Edition Tofutsies! They call it Wild Kat. (I met Kat this weekend - what a cutie). The Blue label is the dead give away. A pattern has been written for this color way, and is only available with purchase. I only have ten. When they are gone, that's it - I can't get more and neither can anyone else. So - if you want it - call me, at 517-203 4467, or stop in at the shop - downtown East Lansing.

I also opened a big box of books from Unicorn. New Crochet titles as well as new knitting titles. I am really looking forward to spending some time with "Knit 3 Ways". I also had a chance to meet "GlampyreKnits", and get an autographed copy of her new book "Fitted Knits". It is, among other things a tutorial on making your garment fit *you*.

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