Friday, June 1, 2007

June is Busting Out

It's a new month - and that means it is time to introduce a new stitch challenge! This is a lace rib. It could be a fancy ribbing on a sweater, or maybe a whole tank top, similar to the Cabin Fever 4 x 4 rib tank. I also think it might be a very pretty pattern on a sock leg. It is pretty easy - to accommodate "Summer Brain", and to rest you up for the July stitch challenge which I suspect could be very challenging indeed. You can pick up this June stitch challenge and all the others as well at Woven Art, 325B Grove St in downtown East Lansing.

It is time for me to brag about a student. Here is Liz. She has been weaving with me for two years now. Last night she pulled her beautiful Summer and Winter (that's the name of the weave structure) off the loom. The fiber is tencel. The green came that way - but the brown was dyed for her (by me!) especially to match her hair. She still needs to tie off the fringe and wash it. It will have a glorious drape. Liz is standing amidst the work of Gretel Geist, MSU costume designer of the last 30 years.

And here is a closer look at the weave:

Pictured below is a coil basket I began work on about five years ago. Up until last week I was calling it "Unfinished Basket". Now I call it "Canyon", because it reminds me of the strata in the Grand Canyon,

and when I look at it from the top I get a slight sense of vertigo:
I needed to finish it up before sending it to the Pamela Tripp Gallery in Baldwin. If you are ever driving through Baldwin, please stop in to say hi to Pamela. You won't be sorry - it is a lovely gallery with very nice work. She shows quite a bit of fiber art, you gotta love that!

Tomorrow morning I get to go to TNNA. That is a trade show conference. I'll get a chance to see some of the wonderful friends I have made in the yarn industry, as well as get a feel for what the trends are, and what is new. I plan to take lots of notes, and gather as much info as I can to share with my fabulous customer friends at "Yarnival" on June 15. If you haven't reserved your "Yarnival"spot yet, you can do that today by calling 517-203-4467. The game plan for the evening is this: You'll choose two to three yarns to knit together, without knowing what the stitch pattern will be. You'll be given a card with a stitch pattern that incorporates both color and texture. the knitting part will be lots of fun - as you won't know what you're doing until you do it! Beginning knitters need not worry - there will be lots of support. Once you complete a swatch, you can turn that card in for a door prize drawing. That evening will also be a private sale for all who attend. I won't disclose the details here - but I promise it will be worth your while!

I am also bringing "Boot Camp" back from TNNA. South West Trading Company is sending Boot Camp kits out around the country to encourage sock knitters. I'll have Tofutsie samples, socks in progress, sock knitting educational handouts and more. In the spirit of Boot Camp I want to encourage all sock knitters to attend the East Lansing Jazz Festival (June 15, 16 and 17) with socks in progress. Show the world that music goes better with knitting! Woven Art will be your Jazz Fest headquarters - to replenish supplies, or refresh yourself.

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