Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Lots to inspire me lately. One of my favorite sources of inspiration is new yarns at the shop. And those are flying in the door. I am getting mental whiplash trying to decide if I should crack open one of the Habu patterns, and try my hand at reading the Japanese style presentation, (very tempting) Or, dive into one of the yummy Tillie Tomas yarns. This very special line of handcrafted yarns has gotten the attention of designers such as Stitch Diva

and Phoenix Bess.

While these patterns have been ordered, they haven't arrived quite yet. Plus, I love the use of the Tilli Tomas yarns in the neckline and other areas of detail. So, I decided to dye some yarn to match some of my new beautiful skeins.

They are still hot and in the pot - so I can't cast on with that.

Also very inspiring was my short vacation to Tucson to visit my middle daughter.
On this trip I got to see, in person, the beautiful mission call San Xavier, or The White Dove of the Desert. Several years ago, I wove an image of this for a wall hanging for friends of mine.

We also went hiking on top of Mt Lemmon.
This is Kristin in the ferns.

And I got to hang out at the drive-in, drink beer and eat Sonora Dogs, with these people. I would have felt like a kid again, if it weren't for the kids. Just kidding. We had a blast. We saw "Knocked Up". It was surprisingly funny - but I was the only one in the crowd who had been... well. I thought it was funny.

It was a great trip - so very different from my "everyday". That always gives me a creative boost. But, in reality, one of my very favorite sources of inspiration is deadlines. I created a new one for myself yesterday. I am going to a wedding this weekend. I successfully finished the wedding present :

It is now about 45 inches by 65 inches, and feels great. Very snuggly. But now, I need something to wear to the wedding. The attire will be afternoon, garden, cocktail. No, I am not entirely sure what that means. I went to the mall yesterday looking for inspiration. I didn't find it. It turns out that the dress I have in my closet is a better choice than what I could find out there. It just needs a little toss over the shoulder thing. Like a shrug. I didn't find one of those either. But then, I thought - wait a minute. I crochet pretty fast. I have a basic template for a shrug that fits me. I have yarn. I have until Saturday. This is Tuesday. Let's see what I have so far.

Argh. I really should work instead on the other deadline based project that I have on my needles. But that deadline isn't until August 7, or actually maybe even later, as intended recipient won't really need it until, um, late August.

I'll post the progress, if there is any.


Kristin said...

Aug 7th as a deadline? that wouldn't be your oldest daughters birthday would it?

I loved having you visit, come back for longer next time.

Nancy McRay said...

Well, yes - August 7 IS the birthdate of my eldest daughter. Don't tell her.

Kristy said...

I like the filet pattern you used in the shrug! Very nice, and very speedy! Glad you got it together in time.