Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Have it Your Way

Special orders are my pleasure! I have structured my schedule so that I can dye yarns on Monday and Tuesday each week. Much of the time I dye yarns in color ways that are popular, or where there is "hole" in the color wheel. Sometimes I dye yarns based on something specific that inspired me. And a lot of the time I dye yarns as requested by a customer-friend. I like doing this - as it often pushes me outside of what I might normally choose to dye. This week was dedicated to special orders - and what fun I had. The yarns shown here are still wet, or still steaming, or still in the dye bath - but I just wanted to share my fun! The yarns pictured above are for Thomasean. The request was for these colors, all of them on each skein, but with a different color distribution and different color emphasis on each one. The yarn will be for an entrelac sweater. This is Kona Petite - a fingering merino superwash, for Thomasean, in a color way I call "Larimar"
This is not a very good picture of lace weight mohair, dyed black and blue and brown. The fuzziness of the mohair makes it look lighter, and the flash on the camera further washed it out - the colors are MUCH richer than they appear here.

This yarn is Safari III - 100% cotton - sort of slubby, dyed turquoise and black for Sally.

And this is nassau - 50% silk, 50% cotton for my new friend Sarah. It is in the rinse phase, and not currently very pretty, but I promise it will be!. Sarah is planning to make the Simple Knitted Bodice from Stitch Diva. She needed black silk to go with her Tilli Tomas yarn, and loved the feel of Nassau. Black is challenging to dye dark enough. I put in extra dye, extra assists, and left it over night. It is pretty darn dark, but it is still wet. I had dreams about this yarn last night. In my dream, when I squeezed it out - it was distinctly green. So I happy to say there is nothing green about this yarn. Sarah also works part time for friends of mine at Fringe: A Knitting Salon.

Say hello to Nancy and Veronica if you are reading this!

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Ava said...

Beautiful yarn, Nancy!