Thursday, June 7, 2007

Habu Shrine

A few weeks ago, during the East Lansing Art Festival I made a new friend, Ava.
She was brought to me by a mutual friend; Sharon. Ava is a fabulous knitter, and a great photographer. During the art festival I had put tall banners outside my shop. At the end of the day, after everyone had gone, I noticed that the banners had become tangled in the Charlie Brown Tree above. The only tools at my disposal were a short ladder and a yard stick. Ava came back, just as I was trying to kill myself in an improbable balancing act. She took lots of pictures to document the moment, until the Art Festival director and her husband came along. He helped me balance enough to knock the banners out of the tree. I won't show you those pictures - they are not my best side, so to speak. I'd much rather share the pics of my Habu Shrine that Ava found so enchanting :

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Ava said...

How sweet, Nancy! Thanks so much for your kind words! You have a wonderful shop, beautifully and artfully displayed - it was easy to take good pix!

I hope to see you again soon. It's great to make new friends!