Thursday, May 10, 2007

These Socks need legs!

I am loving the sock yarn thing! This week already, came Mega Boots stretch from Lana Grossa, with beautiful colors in long gradations - not at all stripey. Any of you remember my fingerless gloves? This yarn would be perfect. Also in this week is the Pro natura Trekking Yarn in very lovely earthy tones. It has Bamboo in it, and is soooo soft. I want to make myself one of those sock yarn sweaters in this batch! And yet to come due on Friday, are all the new colors of Tofutsies! Woven Art regulars know that the Tofutsies have been flying out my door - because the yarn is so soft, the colors are fun and pretty. I am pleased to announce that Woven Art will host Tofutsies "Boot Camp" June 8 to 18. There will be lots of socks in various stages of doneness, sock class, tips and techniques, plus of course lots of Tufutsies on hand to sample. This will coincide with my return from TNNA, "Yarnival!", and the East Lansing Jazz Festival. More details on the SWTC website. Good times! Also in the works is a Dye Your Own Tofutsies workshop. I have succeeded in buying a limited edition of undyed Tofutsies. We will wind them into very long skeins, and dye stripes! Dates and times TBA soon.

I have been dyeing yarn and roving, of course. Below is a sampling of what I have been up to:

This is Lavendar Nassau, a silk and cotton blend.

Pony 2 ply - 100% lace weight merino wool.

And this is about 2 pounds of merino superwash roving. I'll put it up in 4 ounce bags.

And this link is for your amusement. What will those Italian Grannies think of next?

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