Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ripple effect

Since my last post:
Son - in -law graduates, leading to a fun but quick trip to Chicago. Dine and Dash has new meaning.

doggie has an eye emergency

Baby daughter, is an emerging artist at the East Lansing Art Festival

The Art Festival! Always crazy, busy, fun.

Doggie has eye surgery.

I drive my tapestries, coil baskets and leno scarves up to a gallery in Baldwin. The Pamela Tripp Gallery. Nice place, lovely lady. $50 in gas.

So it's not too surprising that in the middle of this I had totally forgotten my anniversary. "Shit", I said in the middle of writing up a sale on Saturday. "My anniversary is tomorrow!" My lovely customer kindly pointed out the door and said "There's an art festival out there." Later that afternoon I reminded my Gary - confident that he had forgotten too. "No!", he said. "It is the 23rd!" Wrong - that is a daughter's birthday - oops that is today!! Happy birthday sweetie! I'll call you later! Your present is in the mail! Or scroll down to some previous posts, and you can see your present on little sis.
I digress.
We have a tradition that Gary buys a red rose for every year that we have been married, and presents them to me on our big day. He was hosed. No florist would be open Sunday. But a friend tipped him off - Meier has bunches of roses:

He grabbed three bunches, thinking each bunch had one dozen roses in it. Look what he got!
No, we haven't been married anything like 72 years. He claims that guys can't count. I am just happy that he tends to over do it!

I have joined a Ripple-along!

A crochet student gave me the idea of a Ripple Blanket for a wedding gift for the daughter of some special and very generous friends. So I went to visit the no-end-in-sight ripple along, and loved what I saw. Mine is made from Henry's attic Inca Organic cotton. The colors are all natural - the cotton actually grows this way. It is soft and lovely. I believe it is also machine washable. I am really enjoying the process a lot - anyone want to ripple with me?

The wedding is June 23. I think I'll have plenty of time, if I ripple daily. This is all done just since last Thursday!

P.S. I got Gary a cool, bowl shaped chopping board and round shaped knife. He likes to cook! Almost as much as I do! I am trying not to use his present before he does - but man, it would have been great for the tuna salad yesterday.

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How does one chop on a bowl?