Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Leno Lace and Shrugs

See? I do make stuff. Above is a leno lace shawl. I am doing a bunch of them, because it is easier to warp up the loom through all the little beads, one time, and then tie on a new warp when a color change is needed. Here is a pale pink and gray warp, plus a pinkish silk mohair weft paired with gray "cork" from Habu Textiles. I think it is very graceful.
And this, above is the substitute project for the Savanah yarn. The shawl wasn't happening for me - and then Unicorn sent me the shop model, so I felt even less of a need to complete the pattern. This bamboo yarn is light and soft. It is very well suited to Shrug Me Tender from Just One More Row, that calls for a very drapey yarn. They recommended a rayon yarn, but that it before they knew about Bamboo. Must have been. I have at least three outfits this will be perfect over. Good thing I don't need another shop model for this yarn!

This is a woven shrug. And my toe. The yarn is Sunshine from Trendsetter, Aton from Needful, Diamusee from Dancing Fibers, and the same gray and oink warp that was in the first shawl. I folded it up, sewed the sleeves, and crocheted around the front opening. It actually fits me pretty well, and feels good on.

This is a close up of the yarns and the weave structure - loom controlled leno, done with beads.

14 Stitch Challenges went out the door today. Granted, a couple of people were catching up and buying the whole series. I am so happy that people are enjoying this! Advanced knitters just find it fun, I think - while newer knitters are actually learning some tricks. If you are one of those people enjoying Stitch Challenge - you won't want to miss "Yarnival!" Each person who comes will be given textural, multi color stitch patterns to try out. First you'll choose which yarns to use, then you'll be given your pattern challenge. There will be lots of surprises! Of course Woven Art will be supplying the yarns - with a wide variety of texture and color choices. All you'll have to bring is a range of needle sizes. Call the shop (517-203-4467) and reserve a spot - spaces are limited.


Sarah said...

What color is "oink", exactly?

(I can't stop giggling!!)

Anonymous said...

Oink is the color of little pink piggies!