Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Boomer Moment

Yesterday enjoyed the most perfect weather. Sunny, blue skies, felt like 84 degrees. And, "Taking Care of Business" was playing on my car radio. I had a flash back to how much fun it was to dance to this, back in my bar days, and for a moment I was 18 again. Until another memory snapped into place. Last September my own daughter did the Alligator, to "Taking Care of Business", in her bridal gown. She wasn't the only one - there were many "alligators" rolling around on the floor.

But, this is a fiber art blog. I have given up on making the Salina Shawl.. I started it 6 times. Then the shop model came. But I continued, with a life line to start it again, because I really like the color I am using. But, God didn't want me to make this shawl. It is the only explanation I can think of. Lace doen't faze me. The pattern is not that complicated. It is OK to own two, in different colors. But then I made a little bitty mistake, pulled it out, confident that my life line would save me - only to find that I had left two or three stitches off line. I gave up and began my search for the next perfect project for this yummy soft drapey yarn. After much searching, I found in my pattern pile "Shrug me Tender" from Just One More Row. It is a perfect match. And a fun knit. There should be a finished shop model soon!

I am also working on yet another sweater for my tree. I have a tree outside my shop, and I have been putting tubes of knitting around it. This next one is made of a series of two color patterns that we will be using at "Yarnival" coming up on June 15. That is a Friday night, from 6 to 9 p.m. "Yarnival" is a fun night of knitting up new patterns, in a variety of yarns. The game is that you choose two or three yarns (supplied by Woven Art), and then you get a card with the stitch pattern on it, and see what happens! I will have just returned from the annual trade show, and should have some new yarns for us to play with. Everyone will be working on something different- so we'll have lots to see. If you are a beginning knitter - have no fear - there will be plenty of tech support. Join the fun for just $15 - call Woven Art (203-4467) to reserve your spot.

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