Saturday, April 28, 2007

What can you not run out of?

I believe our sense of security can be intertwined with a feeling of abundance. And of course abundance means different things to different people, but often there is one thing you need to have plenty of. For some it is food, for some yarn, or books. I am right now visiting my Mom in her new environment. She has five pints of Ben and Jerry's Coffee Toffee carmel ice cream. It is hard for her to get to the grocery store and she doesn't want to run out. Last year it was Chai Tea. She had several cases of the stuff. I used to bring lots of books and magazines with me whenever I traveled, and especially when I went to visit the family nest. It wasn't until I went home for my Father's funeral, and realized I had packed four large bags of just reading material that I understood that the books were some form of protection. On this short trip to visit my Mom, in her new apartment, I only brought one novel with me. Progress! But, and mind you I am here for only two days, I brought 5 projects. A shawl, a sock, a scarf, a tapestry, and a coil basket. At least with the fiber arts as comfort and protection, I can still engage in conversation!

I have made progress on several projects, but left my camera cable home. I am blogging on my laptop, which for some reason doesn't have the same editing options as my desktop at home. Sorry, no pictures. And I can't make a link - but I can encourage you to visit this website: The most inventive theory as to what this means will win a four ounce skein of my hand dyed Kona Super wash in the color way I call Laramar. Deadline: May 6, 2007.

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