Monday, April 9, 2007

Two aquarians knit two aprons for two gemini

Even though it was Easter, Woven Art was open for the traditional Second Sunday Knit-in. I am so glad! I enjoyed the wonderful people, and as always the conversation was funny and interesting. Diane shared some of her experiences of traveling in India. I overheard one wonderful customer (who is very familiar with India) exclaim "You saw cows and monkeys in New Delhi?". Apparently, New Delhi is not supposed to have cows. Old Delhi - sure - lots of cows and monkees and maybe some water buffalo.

It was fascinating to listen to the conversation between a visitor to India and someone who knows India very well. Better than a chocolate bunny! Then I came home to a yummy roast leg of lamb to share with my local loved ones, and had lovely phone conversations with my far away loved ones.

I have a couple of pictures to share. Deidra and I, independently and coincidentally, decided to knit aprons for two young women in our lives. I knit one for my daughter Kristin. Deidra knit one for her niece Milana. Don't tell - they are supposed to be birthday presents. The aprons were inspired by the one in the Spring issue of Interweave Knits, though each of us changed them in our own ways.

On the left is Kristin's birthday apron. Yarn is Summer Tweed and Riviera. Kristin's birthday is May 23.
On the right is Milana's apron. Hand dyed alpine cotton. Milana's birthday is May 24.
Both aprons are modeled on Kelly. Kristin's sister. Notice how great they both look in front of Jessy Henderson's quilts!

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