Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring? No- summer and Winter

Loom Controlled Bead Leno Lace. That's what you see pictured above. Tencel warp, Diaketo warp. This is a lovely rayon blend that is tightly spun and changes color over fairly long distances. The weave structure allows for a very open effect, while capturing the yarns in a secure grid. There is a texture stripe as well as a color gradation. That's because I threaded it on all 8 harnesses. so some rows beat in tighter that others. On purpose. This shouldn't snag, just be lovely and lacey. The beads are between the reed and the heddles, and serve to help twist the warp threads around each other. there will be no beads in the finished piece unless I decide to add them later.

Now, this! This is an 8 harness table loom, brand new from Schacht. Isn't she lovely? I am putting a warp on her straight away. A double weave using Louet Merlin for warp on one side, and sock yarn on the other. Total experiment. I can hardly wait to see what happens. I intended to do some warping today while I was at the shop. It is Spring Break in my town. I had a blow-out two day sale to celebrate Woven Art's 4th birthday last weekend. I was practically guaranteed a slow day. After a few house keeping chores (including ordering a bunch of books - yippee!), I'd have plenty of time. why, after I got bored with warping I would even knit a little.
Well. The door jangled right at the opening hour. a wonderful customer needing sock needles. And then? Who should walk in but the UPS guy carrying a brand new box full of Tofutsies ( wonderful sock yarn) and a box of books. Hey - wasn't I just ordering books a minute ago? How fast is that?
The next time the door opened:

Three Victorias! This is the cute little spinning wheel from Louet. She folds into her own tres chic carrying case. And then pops open ready for action. Great for travel, or for smaller living spaces. Or as a second wheel. One is spoken for. I am seriously lusting after one.
Now on to documentation of creative progress:

This is the beginning of Liz's shawl. Liz is a student, working on one of the studio Norwood looms. She is using a Summer and Winter weave structure. There will be a diagonal progression of full tone and half tone blocks. She is using 8/2 and 5/2 tencel. The brown was dyed to compliment her hair. She will be stunning in this.
And finally: Happy April!

Here is a bad, off center, shadowy picture of April's stitch challenge. My camera was running out of battery power, so I couldn't see how it looked on the little pop out screen. Later - too late- I realized I could use the view finder. Huh. Anyway -here it is - fun to knit. On my list of things to do this week? Design the May Challenge!

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