Saturday, April 21, 2007

Marathon Sock

While Gary was running into a Nor'easter, I was knitting this:

The yarn is Tofutsies from Southwest Trading Company, and the pattern that is working so well with the yarn is Tidal Wave, found on the Southwest Trading Company website. There is a link in a previous post. I find I like knitting on two circular needles. Especially when traveling - as it is much harder to lose one, or have some of the stitches fall off when you have to quickly cram your work into your knitting bag to catch a plane. I prefer bamboo needles for tiny stitches, but prefer the join on the Addis for tiny needles.

I have decided to try to tuck spinning into the spare minutes that do not already have weaving, knitting and crochet in them. "Spare" would be when the I am not doing shop work, dye work, or engaging in family activities and home maintenance. (oh and exercise and ...) I have several lovely wheels at the shop, and I want to get to know them better, partly so that I can be of more help to Spinners wondering which wheel is right for them (so that makes it shop related work- right?) and mostly because I have succumbed to the fascination of soft fibers being pulled through my fingers into a twist and onto a bobbin. I find it is pretty easy to make "yarn". But to know short draw, long draw, worsted vs woolen, twist angle, wheel ratios. Wow. I am easily seduced by knowledge, and by the quest for crafty perfection. I like to know how to do things right, and then use that knowledge to do things that are unexpected, and could even be considered "wrong" by those too tightly married to "right". Because "spare"minutes are rare indeed, and because there is much worthy competition already for these little bits of time, I don't expect to be knitting a sweater with my hand spun this Summer. But, you never know.

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