Friday, April 13, 2007

Comfort Knitting - better for your nerves and waistline!

I have a winner! I found a project to comfort and distract me on my way to Boston tomorrow. I have a ton of Tofutsies, the new sock yarn from Southwest Trading Company. And they have some free patterns on their website. I chose the Tidal Wave Socks. The pattern is written for two circular needles, and coincidentally I have been wanting to try that method. I normally use bamboo double points. So, last night I cast on. I found it to be a very weird way of doing things, the instructions said to put 32 on one needle and 32 on the other needle and join without twisting. Huh? That kept me very distracted throughout the evening, with my apologies to Phylis, Gretel and Liz. It took about four rows of "suspending disbelief" before I saw the beginning of a sock. Now that I am going, I think I might like knitting socks this way - but it is too early to tell, and too early to retire my DP's to appetizer size kabob sticks. I am using size one Turbos. I know that air travel allows knitting of all kinds now. But I am still a little apprehensive. You'll find out if I have a problem!

Now for the dye show and tell:

A lovely customer wants to crochet a maize and blue blanket with a big block M in the middle for her son who will be attending there this Fall. Gary approved these colors, so I feel confident they are right on the money.

Once upon a time I was placing navy and yellow on a white skein, and of course the two colors blended and I got a maize and blue and green and white skein of yarn. I gotta do that again - for us hybrids. I know we are many.

This sugary confection is on Party ribbon. This is a fun and beautiful nylon ribbon that has a wonderful hand when knit. For ideas and patterns go to the Crystal Palace website and look under patterns, and under party ribbon.

Now, please join me in wishing good weather all the way to Boston, and all the way through Monday. The man, along with 20,000 others, has worked hard for this day. They deserve perfect weather. And I would much rather listen later to how great it was instead of how awful!

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