Saturday, March 10, 2007

See? I have finished knitting the body of "Kasai" from the book Folk Vests. I love it, love it, love it. Tomorrow I will cut it. I mean I will cut the steeks. Eeks! I am going to do the cutting here at Woven Art, surrounded by friends and supporters. I know it will be fine. I have cut a steek before - but it was a pillow, and it was in a class, and I believed Sarah when she said "It will be fine". And it was! More than a year later, and lots of showing off, the pillow (which remains unstuffed) shows no signs of unraveling itself into a useless pile of yarn bits. But the reptilian part of my brain thinks that might have been because Sarah was standing next to me. And there is a good chance she might come stand next to me again tomorrow. If not Sarah, at least I know there will be friends here to encourage me through it. So- tomorrow I cut.

I have begun a new project - the Salina Shawl from Lana Grossa. It is featured at Go see it! You can come right back here when you are done! I have seen a shawl in progress, being knit by my naughty yarn rep. Her tactic worked like a charm, causing me to buy lots of this Bamboo/Cotton soft ribbon yarn, in lots of colors.

I am also in the process of planning for Fiona Ellis, author of "Inspired Cable Knits", a really beautiful book with a very fresh take on Cabling. She will be teaching workshops here at Woven Art on May 12 an 13. That is Mother's Day weekend. Can you think of a nicer present for Mom? Saturday morning will be "Dive into Design", Saturday afternoon will be (Morphing Cables). On Sunday afternoon (because you'll either be haviing or serving breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, right?) we will have the class "Knitting as Meditation". Wow! For more detailed information, visit Fiona's website: You'll be blown away by her designs, and inspired by he class descriptions. Reserve your spot by calling Woven Art: 517-203-4467

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