Monday, March 12, 2007

"Huzzah!" says Eunny.

I just found out that Eunny Jang is the new Editor of Interweave Knits! Wow! This is HOT news!

Pam Allen has been the fantastic editor for the last four years, and in my opinion has really taken "Knits" in a great direction. But, she is on to other things. Or maybe it is that she wants to return at greater depth to her love of design. I can only hope that is the case. In the meantime, I am excited about the appointment of Eunny. Just take a quick stroll through her blog by clicking on her name above. This woman is serious about knitting and fresh about fashion. I think to congratulate her, I might have to knit this. That'll really make her day - won't it! ; )

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