Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wanna Bet?

This is Harry's sweater. He is knitting it for his Mom. It is (believe it!) a Wallaby. Well, based on the Wonderful Wallaby pattern from Cottage Creations. But, Harry likes to mix things up a bit. He added a crazy amount of cables. He turned it into a cardigan. There won't be a pouch, and we now know there is no way there is going to be a hood. Not that there was ever a hood planned. Harry started with 3 skeins of Kona Super wash, and, 6 inches from the top, has that little (2.5 inch by 2.5 inch) ball left. He plans to finish the top with a 1" wide garter stitch collar. The sweater is so fantastic in person. The cables are intriguing, and the worksmanship is exquisite. But there may not be enough yarn. So, just to make it fun, Harry has proposed a betting pool. Do you feel like placing a bet? There is even a Woven Art prize (supplied by Harry). Your job is to guess how much yarn (to the nearest yard) will be left over, or added. The closest guess gets a prize - from Woven Art, and Harry. The sweater itself promises to be here in person on Sunday, (along with Harry) in case you need to see this for yourself. Bets will be taken until Harry declares the sweater finished! You can place your bet by leaving a comment, or by telling someone at the shop next time you are in.

And what have I been doing? I finished my second small tapestry study. I finished my cashmere and silk leno lace shawl. I dyed a ton of roving. And I have made great progress on the vest. Pictures tomorrow!

I visited my Mom up north this past weekend. She has moved to an apartment in a Senior community. It really is a community - full of vibrant and very nice people. Her new friends showed a lot of interest in my knitting - so I plan to get back up there soon, with extra needles and yarn.

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Anonymous said...

The Woven Art Book Club was up to the challenge of guessing! Here are our results:
Nancy M 50 (yeah, like that will be enough!)
Emily 245
Diane 300
Sharon P 310
Anne K 350
Sarah P 380
Angie 400
Pat 420
So...there you have it! Those are our guess! Hope one of us wins!