Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March Sitch Challenge

To celebrate March we have a brand new stitch challenge. I call this pattern Labyrinth. Looks a little like a maze doesn't it? With maybe a shamrock or two inside? In case you don't know about our stitch challenge - it is a game we play here at Woven Art. Each month (starting this past February) there will be a new square for you to try. It only costs $1 to play. You get a pattern and a picture of the completed square in a clear sleeve so you can keep them all in a binder. You ALSO get a ball of yarn! The yarn we are using is called Montana, a devine worsted weight merino wool. You can still get the February stitch challenge - but past months will cost double. That is $2. I promise you this is the most entertainment you can get for a buck or two.
And after awhile you'll have a personal stitch library, plus the start of an afghan. I try to do patterns that have repeats, so you can make it into a larger peice. February's heart pattern would make a lovely baby blanket. The Labyrinth pattern could be great in a shawl. To get the stitch challenge of the month, all you have to do is come into Woven Art in East Lansing, it is right there at the front desk.

I've been dyeing:

The yarn on the left is a special order. Silk and Merino wool. The task was to match the skein in the middle. The result is a bit brighter. But I made 6 of them, so it should be fine. Very Spring like don't you think? On the right is superwash merino roving. Jessy spun out a little sample skein today - oh my. I love it. Darn! I should have shown you a picture of that!

I have also been weaving:

On the left is my silk and cahsmere leno lace shawl. The colors are really a deep blue purple and navy. On the right is "small study 2". I am working on circles and ovals. The one on the top right is the most successful - but I want to try again. The very small space I have to work in (on my very small loom) is part of the challenge.
I think I am enjoying this process of documenting my work. Both the shop related work, and the just because work. I have always felt that art needs an audience in order to be complete. Blog readers are a different kind of audience than museum or gallery visitors. And what I am enjoying might not have anything at all to do with the potential of audience. Documentation in pictures and in words makes me consider what I am doing. Seeing the shawl and the tapestry on a monitor is very different from seeing them in person. (I think the shawl is better in person, and the tiny tapestry might be better on the screen). But it is the process of doing it, and then talking about it. Reminds me a little bit of art school. Not that I am getting critiques here, but that I have to present what I have made.
I am happy I am not being graded. Right?


Harry said...

HI Nancy, So now I'll blow it for you :D "A+" for you dyeing looks wonderful. Do you have the weaving in the shop?? Want to see it real time before I'll grade it
Carpe' Diem Harry
sorry I couldnt resist :D

Anonymous said...

Mom, those pictures really do look great :) -Kelly