Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cotton and silk and bamboo!

I thought I'd start with a few pictures from Monday's dye pots. Above are a couple of silk hankies. You can spin these, knit these, or use these in silk fusion, like the leaves I have up at my shop.

This is Panda Cotton, Pony 2 ply and Alpine Petite, in that order. The Panda cotton is a wonderful little bamboo and cotton sock weight yarn. The Pony 2 ply is a lace weight merino, and takes the dye so beautifully. It is very soft. I can imagine how these colors would softly paly out over a shawl. It would look like sunlight through spring leaves. Maybe that's the subzero weather talking. On the right is a dk weight cotton. Great for weaving, knitting or crochet. I also syed some Panda Wool. I don't like the pictures I got, so you don't get to see it here. But, Panda Wool is a combo of bamboo and wool. So, the protein dyes won't dye it all, and the cellulose dyes won't dye it all - and not wanting white flecks, I decided to double dip. I tried an experiment. Not a very scientific one, as I allowed the extra variable of color. But I first painted one skein with acid dyes, and the vat dyes it in the prcion dyes. I took a different skein and painted it with procion, then vate dyed it in acid dyes. Still with me? The effects are fabulous. I have a deep burgundy red marled with purple and black. I also have a pale celery green sublty striped with pale lavendar. There is also a shiny/matte thing going on.

Last night I worked for several hours on the next Stitch Challenge Square. I didn't yet get a design I like - though I am closer. I am trying to stay with a Celtic theme, for St Patty's day. How would you feel about drunken lace? The pattern would be knit here, purl there, yo somtimes, and when you have too many stitches; knit two together!
OK - I'll put something better than that together.

Funny and sad: this morning my blind little dog was leaping through the snow. He really can't see anything, and he is about 8 inches tall. The snow is 6 inches deep. He could hear a squirrel chittering away at him from up in a tree, but he couldn't hear me yelling at him to come on in. As he leapt about blindly - he leapt right into a wall. Ouch! His pride was hurt more than anything.

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