Thursday, February 22, 2007

I have pictures! What do you want to see first? I am hiding in my office while Kelly mans the front of the shop - but I can hear Jacquie, and Marsha, and students coming in, so I don't have long. So - right to business - Yarns!

If I were to name my color ways I would call this one leopard. I have 6 - and most people who have seen these today liked 'em a lot - so I don't think they'll be in the shop for long.

I am calling this Brass. Would be pretty in a project with leopard - no?

And this I would call Sunny Baby. It is a lovely, soft, warm yellow.

The other thing I really wanted to get on my blog is a record of the beginnings of my new coil basket. I am documenting the start for my upcoming basket class. You can find details of this class on my website ( under classes.

So here is a quicky tour:

Start with a sketch

Just jot down an idea.

Wrap to the end.

Join in rounds using a figure 8

Add new colors

Begin shaping. Looks like fun doesn't it? It really is, I love making these scultural basket forms. As I mentioned before, this one is destined to be a coin collector for Gary - hopefully for Father's Day. Am I worried that putting this on my blog will spoil the surprise? Not if you don't tell him! There are a couple of more steps involved, and if you are interested you can go to this website:
Or this one:

I still want to post pictures of my cashmere and silk woven shawl, and my silk and retro-reflective mobius scarf. Next post! Stay tuned! And stay safe this weekend - drive carefully on your way.

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