Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Here I am - blogging! I may not be the first one at the party, but now that I am here I am going to have some fun. I plan for this blog to be a compliment to my website. Here I will post pictures of the yarn I dye as I dye it, along with some information about the yarns. I also will post progress on shop samples, or other projects that are shop related. "Shop" refers to Woven Art, my yarn shop, fiber art gallery and textile education center in downtown East Lansing, MI. I am new at this, and there are about a million things I need to learn. Please be kind and generous in your thoughts as my learning progresses.

I had a great dye day yesterday, and have a few pictures to share:

From left to right we have Riviera, Alpine petite, and Panda cotton. Riviera is a cotton/rayon ribbon yarn that knits at about 4 stitches to the inch. I have Sally Melville's Faith Jacket in this at the shop. The drape is beautiful, and the jacket flatters everyone who puts it on. Alpine petite is a smooth cotton yarn. Ideal for weaving, it would also be nice in a lighter weight cotton shawl. And the far right is Panda Cotton in "primary colors". This is a brand new sock yarn being offered by Crystal Palace. They have some beautiful color ways, but of course I bought it in hanks to dye myself. The fiber content is bamboo, cotton and elastic nylon. It is very bouncy! I haven't had a chnace to play with it yet - though a few people scooped up my first dye attempts this past Sunday. I hope to see some knitted samples soon!

This yarn is Fjord. A great worsted weight, single ply super soft merino wool. Oh it felts. And, yes I dyed more than one of each. And no - I don't expect you to use them together. Unless you want to felt a pumkin - I have a barrel cactus pattern that might be perfect!

This blurry picture is (from right to left): Carrera, Fjord, and Tussah silk roving. Carrera is 50% silk and 50% merino and knits at about 6 stitches to the inch I guess. So soft! The tussah roving will be good for silk fusion (what's that!?), or spinning.

I have made a new promise to myself. That is to do some not-directly-shop-related but creative work each week. I hope to use this space to explore some ideas and document my progress. Knitting or crocheting shop models is a great way to learn techniques, inspire others, and get some new duds for me. However, it is usually an expression of someone else's great ideas. The artist side of me also needs to be nutured, fed, and let out to play now and then. My New Years resolution is to make a greater effort to make that happen.

Chow for Now,


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handknitter said...

Hi Nancy! Pretty purple yarn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy! Glad to see your blog! Been trying to get to it since you first mentioned it. Success this morning!Yeah! Kathy Kolenda, GR